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  • Men's shoes and clothes with

    Bright black patent leather shoes

    Black men's shoes made of bright patent leather making, so that men can wear in the day can easily show the noble side.

    With the relatively slim shoes, slender and bright black paint shoes and more formal business suit with, if you need to attend a grand dinner at night, you can also wear such shoes to attend.

    To express the car line three-dimensional bright leather shoes beauty, the best choice for straps shoes. Both casual and yet elegant taste, the best and not the formal business casual wear match. Like the autumn and winter plaid coat is suitable for this kind of shoes with.

    Unique animal embossed shoes

    Using a variety of unique dermatoglyphics and natural leather leather production shoes is also the trend of this year's autumn and winter, especially with a casual taste of men's shoes, a large number of crocodile skin and snake skin production, and some retain the animal skin original natural lines , Some of the processing pressure on the fine pearl skin lines, rough but natural. In addition, animal embossed thick leather boots are also cool on the feet.

    With: animal embossed men's shoes in this fall and winter fit and sports-style dress with, if and with a sense of space with bright clothing, but also do not have some fun.

    Crystal buckle decorated in the upper

    This year's autumn and timberland store winter men's popular boots, and in the introduction of these men's new boots, there are many boots with a variety of very unique decorations, like the fur decorated on the edge of the top of the boots, crystal buttons decorated with shoes Surface, or just contrasting with the obvious car line in the boots on the outline of a special decorative pattern, this kind of decorative boots in autumn and winter this year is very popular.

    With: leather boots and jeans and other handsome uniform with the dress, and decorated with exquisite crystal boots, but also with the more formal clothing with the emergence of this dress looks more trendy.

    2017-03-24 23:01:57
  • Thick with a single shoes with early autumn and evening the best choice!

    Looking at the summer has been half of the past, the early autumn of the breeze in the customs just waiting for the heat wave recede, seasonal replacement, it is time to organize the shoe it! Early autumn shoes, is now popular with thick shoes, is what people say " Grandma shoes ". Fine high-heel is deeply obsessed with, but can not keep up with the autumn melody, now the fashionable people, all fell in love with the comfort and retro, temperament with coarse shoes. Full of retro breath with a single shoes with early autumn thin jacket, thin shirt and berets, absolutely make you early autumn fashion icon. Xiaobian here to introduce several different coarse with a single shoes with a single shoe to mention the temperament, to the design is a sense. Irregular pattern design, color of the collision, animal fur or pearls and other bright objects of the modification, high sense of up, suction eye index bursting, very suitable for your early autumn with.

    Design full of thick with the shoes itself is a big bright spot, even if the clothing bland, a pair of thick with the shoes can also turn the tide, the new girls can also try to worry about friends. Do not like exaggerated design, contests girl, most of them are minimalist. Then choose a minimalist timberland store design, color monotonous with a single shoes can also make you extraordinary temperament, not intoxicated, but also wild.

    Minimalist design of the choice of color is essential, monochrome covered with shoes, both classic and stylish but also wild, black and white is the same age everlasting theme, you can try something Oh. Early autumn becomes moist up, autumn calm need to be strong color to break. Big red and purple, all kinds of splicing color, these colors can make you forget the spring of calm, summer monotonous, winter deep, with a bright day with a good mood.

    2017-03-24 22:54:28
  • Youth was able to walk up the canvas shoes

    A variety of fashionable canvas shoes have long been worn by people, because wearing light, durable, wild, the price of the people close to the characteristics of the world by the tide of the influx of women's favor, become a synonym for youthful vitality fashion leisure. Here are several canvas shoes, wear clothing fashion by age effect depends on it simple basic canvas shoes, not too fancy design, put it a second to pull you back to the 18-year-old campus. Strap design easy to take off and wear, playing the beautiful bow is sweet youth, rubber sole is very soft and comfortable, light want to run up. Five colors optional, easy to match with a different style Oh A pair of Velcro casual shoes let you wear clothing fashion charm, selected wear-resistant rubber soft bottom, light and comfortable, three Velcro fixed effect better, easy to take off and wear, more convenient than the strap design and practical, upper Is the use of ultra-fine leather surface, foot feeling and comfort super good

    There are no people like me like this Harajuku retro wind shoes, rough canvas fabric and rough white hemp rope are full of retro style, super feel, shoe mouth tearing design is more fashionable The atmosphere, coupled with a tear of the jeans echoed it is simply wonderful, six colors available, color control can find the color you like Oh. Canvas shoes fashion wild and sports shoes, good wear and timberland store tear of the good shoes Oh. Simple and wild, strap design easy to wear and off, the upper is ultra-fine fiber skin, wear and easy to scrub, delicate leather than canvas shoes more than a fashion, soles are ultra-soft rubber at the end, and sports shoes As soft and comfortable. Very classic a canvas shoes yo, simple atmosphere design, the atmosphere, however, a needle line are done very meticulous, very durable, not off the line does not open plastic, white shoelaces easy to take off, soles soft and comfortable, With the jeans gods are full of youthful yo.

    Like this simple leisure free music shoes in recent years more and more hot style, no lace no magic stickers, the typical lazy pedal style Oh, wearing a very convenient, stylish atmosphere, it's wild no Asian jeans Oh, intimate shopkeeper introduced several models, black white gun color, leather canvas hollow section, the total is your favorite. If you look tired of the classic canvas shoes or simple small white shoes, to hit the color design casual shoes, red and blue slightly hit the color is the highlight of the shoes, with red coat and blue jeans is simply the best combination, even if the collision Color design to play the color is still white, small white shoes to retain the small wild wild property, is worth a good collection of shoes Oh.

    Has been on this canvas high shoes to a soft spot, it not only retains the canvas shoes youthful vitality and leisure atmosphere, high-help design is a blend of fashion elegant neat boots style, strap design easy to take off and wear, Soles with soft rubber at the end, wear durable, practical Oh, oh

    2017-03-23 23:19:04
  • Spring wear high heels, you are the goddess

    Spring we all took off a heavy down jacket, slowly put on the thin clothes. High heels, but a concave shape of the artifact, a lot of beautiful skirt, if there is no high heels, wear out the effect is less something. What's less? Temperament it, wearing high heels can not simply look tall, but an elegant and charming temperament, and it can stretch your leg curve, so that your legs and feet are very soft, so high heels is Goddess standard, go get it! High-end serpentine, classic undefeated, four seasons a year can wear, OL small white-collar office work to wear, fashion influx of people with a coat to make you more sexy. Elegant last type to make your legs more slender, unique lines are more thin, no matter how to wear temperament, big fan full, followed by a bow at the hole, you can configure a strap, piercing another elegant style The

    Breathable and comfortable, the appearance of high-end atmosphere, toe shining Czech diamond, rich refraction, blooming glittering, highlighting the aristocratic temperament, version of timberland store the super-correct, walking is not tired feet, hollow sexy combination of rhinestones, and instantly enhance the overall temperament, On the foot was white was thin Featured high-quality materials, soft texture, toe round design, to be comfortable height, so that your feet as if walking the clouds, feel calm, inside selected from the most comfortable, breathable fabric, insoles with magic shock in the end of the design, height Feet, breathable excellence, soles unique anti-skid design, so that the soles of the grip is more solid, suede, leather surface two kinds of materials to meet all your needs.

    The biggest feature of this pair of shoes is the upper face of the cross-stitching color strap design, so that the temperament of the whole shoe instantly enhance the sexy charm of wine red, calm ocean of black, no matter which are super wild, Long legs, high-heeled design whether it is normal to work or participate in important occasions are your goddess full. Stylish pointed design, so that the whole foot is small and thin, with high-quality suede, wearing comfortable, color is also super, shoe pattern, non-slip good, this shoe is the main feature of the heel of the butterfly with pearl decoration , So that the whole shoe is delicate with a trace of sweet, light gray, black classic wild, there is always a suitable for you oh

    2017-03-23 23:12:39
  • Beautiful fashion high-heeled fish mouth shoes, the general beauty can not control
  • Wear a pair of pants season, do not let a pair of shoes destroyed!
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